Liner Process

Below is a brief overview of a replacement Pool Liner process. At anytime if you have additional questions you can always call or email us at 937-203-0909 or


Call us at 937-203-0909 to schedule your free estimate for a new pool liner.


Once you have received your estimate and are looking to proceed we handle the liner installation from start to finish. We would first come out to get accurate measurements to minimize any wrinkles in the liner. Measuring time frame depends on the shape/size of your pool.


After the measurements have been sent off for the production of the liner, it takes about a 1-3 weeks to get a finished product ready for installation. At this time we will schedule a time that is convenient for both parties to come in for final installation.


Final installation of the pool takes approximately 1-2 days depending on the size, shape and condition of the pool. Only major additional repairs will be added to the final cost of the replacement. That is it; your pool will be ready for water and a summer of fun!