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Winter Mesh Cover – West Alexandria, Ohio

Coverlon Pool Cover manufactured by The Pool Company was installed on this West Alexandria, Ohio home.  This cover was a traditional mesh (non-solid) green swimming pool cover.  When transitioning your winter pool cover to a mesh winter cover, it will not only improve the cosmetic look of your backyard but will also greatly improve the safety of your swimming pool during the winter months.  Coverlon winter covers are extremely durable and come standard with only the best, high quality springs to stretch your mesh cover tautly over your swimming pool.   

NuWave Pool Service carries several different pool winter covers to best assist all of our customers’ needs.  While Coverlon is a company that we are proud to stand behind; we also have a couple different manufacturers to meet all of our customers financial requirements.  Please contact a local NuWave Pools representative to discuss a swimming pool cover installation.  

West Alexandria Green Mesh Winter Pool Cover

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