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Picture above is a healthy new liner installed by Nuwave Pools!

Liner Replacement information:
Vinyl Pool liners last between 5-15 years depending on how well you take care of your pool.


Why Such a big range?
Considering vinyl pool liners are images that are printed onto a vinyl material, they will begin to fade with time.   Chemicals, direct sunlight and time all have an effect on the amount of time your liner will last.  A common mistake by individuals is a complete draining of the pool to do a thorough cleaning.  The weight of the water is what keeps your pool liner set in place.  If you completely drain your pool it is nearly impossible to remove the large wrinkles that will form.


Picture above is what is commonly seen in a liner that has been drained or in response to poor chemical imbalance.

Pool Openings:

Opening a pool is usually a pretty straight forward process.  However if you do not open your swimming pool properly it can lead to costly repairs.  Having a professional representative from Nuwave Pools complete the opening will often be more cost affective and less of a headache in the long run.  We have several different service packages that we offer to fit anyone’s budget.  Below is a list of our available packages.  Our pool opening form is available to be downloaded online or we can email/fax at your request.


Pool Closing

One of the most important services to maintain a fully functional pool is a proper closing.  Nuwave Pool Service LLC takes pride in assuring an extensive pool closing is completed to greatly reduce any risk of lines freezing and busting which lead to expensive repairs.  Please contact your local Nuwave Represenative to schedule a full service closing.

Mesh Winter Cover

Pool winter cover installation is yet another one of our quality services we provide.  The process of a pool winter cover is very similar to the process of the vinyl liner.  We must first come out to the home to get measurements of your pool so we can send those measurements off to manufacture the mesh cover.  It takes 2-3 weeks to receive the cover back from manufacturing.  At that time we will come and do a full installation.  This can be done at all times during the year.

Pool Light Replacement

There are several new options for new pool lights available; including LED, Color changing and xenon lighting.  We only specialize in replacing an existing pool light in your pool.  With the new styles of pool lighting it can make dramatic changes to the environment of your entire pool area.